Solar Panels

Sat, 2018-06-30 16:50 -- sysadmin

Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre recently completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of the building. The panels face into the park and aren’t visible from the street. The installation was done by Cherry Energy, a Moonee Valley Council approved Contractor and the funding came from the Powershop Community Grants Program.

Powershop have always been great supporters of initiatives that contribute to, and promote the growth of the renewable energy mix in Australia. They developed their Grants Program to support groups across the country raise money for a range of community energy projects. Powershop think the way energy is generated, how it travels to homes and businesses, and how it is paid for, is going to change dramatically in our lifetime and they’re excited to see interest from community groups around Australia in renewable energy installations. Powershop is helping play a role in the future of community energy in Australia.

Farnham Street now has guilt free heating and cooling! The solar panel installation took a week to be completed. The technicians were very professional and did a great job with minimal interruptions. On behalf of the students, staff, volunteers and centre users, who are the real beneficiaries of this initiative, a BIG THANKS to Powershop for their grant.

Farnham Street is committed to being a model of environmental sustainability in the local community.  As well as the solar panels there is a Community Garden, water tanks and compost bins. There is a Gardening Group every Friday morning where local residents have their own plots.

For any further information about the solar panels or the other environmental initiatives at Farnham Street please either drop in or phone 9376 9088.