Mens Health Week presentation

Sat, 2018-06-30 17:13 -- sysadmin
On Wednesday 13 June we enjoyed a health presentation by Dr John Marty followed by lunch.
This was a men’s only event (apart from staff/carers!).
Kathy Bocquet, mens’ cooking class teacher, has asked John Marty, a GP to come and talk to the class as a special event for Men’s Health Week.
A “50year old service” was the theme – what to check, what GPs look for, why it is important to be proactive as we age etc. Just as you regularly service your car so you should service your health.
The lively discussion raised many issues: Barriers to going to get a health check; Why many people feel anxious going to the Doctor or dentist; Why a check up after 50? What are the risks of heart attack, stroke, cancer, mental health issues; Early detection makes a difference; What is involved is a GP check up, dental check up, eye check up; What we check: height, weight, BMI, BP, cholesterol ,diabetes screen, alcohol, smoking, nutrition and activity level, skin check, mental state check, bowel screen, prostate check, immunization status (tetanus and flu).
Afterwards it was time to relax, and we had a great BBQ lunch with friends!