FSNLC Membership

Who can become a member?

  • All participants in programs and courses offered by FSNLC will be invited to become a member when they register for courses.
  • In addition local members of the public may request to become members of FSNLC by completing the membership form on the website.  These requests will be approved by the Committee of Management at a regular meeting.


What does membership mean? 

FSNLC members

  • support the vision and mission of the Centre
  • promote the activities of the Centre
  • are invited to join community building events and activities
  • are entitled to vote at the AGM
  • may be nominated for the Committee of Management
  • abide by the rules of the Constitution

For more information about becoming a FSNLC  member check out the Constitution.

To become a member fill in the membership application and send it to us.