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北墨爾本華人聯誼會 節目表



本會前身為華越鄰里聯誼會 (Chinese and Vietnamese Neighborhood Centre),於一九九五年二月八日成立。但在二零零一年七月開始,正式附屬於 “花林街鄰里學習中心”  Farnham Street Neighborhood Learning Centre   (前名: “費明頓鄰里中心”  Flemington Neighborhood House), 並由該中心直接管轄。  本會為非牟利的華人團體,每年由政府之 "民政服務部  Department of Human Services" 撥款資助。

本會成立的目的是為所有區內的華裔人士提供支持及協助, 不致因語言的障礙而無所適從, 特別對那些初抵澳洲的新移民,幫助他們能夠解決生活上的問題,有效地使用各種社區服務,逐漸投入新環境,在澳洲安居樂業。此外,本會分別舉辦多項有益身心的活動, 使會員能夠聯絡感情,增進友誼,豐富生活,使排除孤立和寂寞的困擾, 保持健康愉快的心境。

本會舉辦的活動計有:   每週聚餐或飲茶; 有關醫療, 福利, 衛生等專題講座;

健康運動; 打乒乓球; 一日遊; 各類慶祝會;  還有婦女組舉行的唱歌班,跳舞班,英文班,手工班,示範表演等等。 所舉辦之活動深受會員們喜愛和歡迎。

本會現有會員一百五十人以上, 除居住於北墨爾本地區的華人外,還有其他地區的華裔人士參加。


七元正。 如有任何查詢, 請與負責人聯絡。


Rm 1, Ground Floor, 76 Canning Street,  North Melbourne VIC 3051

(前往本會可乘坐#57或 #59電車在第20站下車; 或坐巴士 #402)

聯絡電話: (03) 9329 5608                                

傳真: (03) 9329 5601


負責人: 呂佩群 女士

辦公時間:       逢星期一  :    上午九時半至下午四時半 

及       星期三/四 :    上午九時半至下午三時半



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Chinese Social Centre of North Melbourne was established on the 8th of February, 1995 under the name Chinese and Vietnamese Neighborhood Centre . Since July 2001, this Centre has operated under the auspices of Farnham Street Neighborhood Learning Centre, formerly known as Flemington Neighborhood House. The Centre is a non-profit organization which receives annual funding from the Department of Human Services.


Our aim is to give support and assistance for all Chinese residents living in North Melbourne and other suburbanareas in the hope that they can overcome their language barriers. The Centre also specializes in working with newly-arrived migrants by helping them to gain access to welfare services, and to deal with other social issues such as housing and family matters. The Centre runs a wide range of activities that are both healthy for the body and the mind. These activities help our members to enrich their lives, build stronger relationships, steer away from social isolation and maintain a joyous state of being.


The Centre organizes many different social activities for our members to give them opportunities to socialize with other people. These activities include: Gentle Exercise Group, Women's Social Group, Shared Lunch, Day Trips, English Lessons, Karaoke, Group Dancing, Handicraft Workshop, Health and Welfare Information Sessions as well as celebrations of various Chinese Festivals.


The Centre has over 150 registered members at the moment. Most of the members live in local area.  All people of Chinese background are welcome. There are no age or gender limitations to join. The annual membership fee is only $7.00.


If you are interested in joining our Centre or have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Karvis Law on (03) 9329 5608.

The Centre is open on Mondays from 9:30am - 4:30pm and on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am - 3:30pm.

The Centre's address is: 

Room 1, Ground Floor, 76 Canning Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051.   

(Take #57 or #59 tram and get off at 20th Stop; or Bus #402).